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2015/2016 Small Grants Scheme 

AGTA is pleased to announce a new round of AGTA Small Grants Scheme with a closing date of Friday 18th Dec 2015. Funded amounts are up to $3,300 per applicant, although smaller grants for educational or student purposes are particularly welcome. Matching funds from the applicant’s institute or commercial companies is also highly desirable. Two forms of activity are encouraged for this round: (1) Educational workshops on the application of new genomic technologies, and/or the associated data analysis and bioinformatics. It would be anticipated that such a workshop would benefit more than one institution or department; and (2) A full day meeting to cover venue and travel costs for participants to discuss and resolve a specific issue with genomics technology, including analysis and data storage.

Full details on the application process are available to download HERE.

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AGTA Small Grants Scheme awards are to conduct a project deemed by AGTA to be of benefit to the wider Australasian genomics community. Previous awardees:

2014/15 Recipients:

Ms Harriet Dashnow ($5,000)Genomic Data Analysis Roadshow: Training the next generation of scientists

Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative

Dr. Justin Jong Leong Wong ($5,000) – Improving the efficiency of Pacific Biosciences SMRT Sequencing to detect long RNA transcripts

Gene and Stem Cell Therapy Program, Centenary Institute, N.S.W.


2013/2014 Recipients 

The 2014 recipients of the inaugural AGTA Small Grants Scheme, each awarded $5,000 to conduct a project deemed by AGTA to be of benefit to the wider Australasian genomics community.

Dr. Li Zhou –  Evaluation of Fluidigm SNPtrace Panel, with a comparison to DNA QUAL and Bioanlyzer fragment analysis, for DNA quality assurance within the Tumour Bank Program

Tumor Bank at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, N.S.W.

Dr. Gisela Mir – Library preparation, targeted DNA capture and sequencing from limited amounts of DNA from FFPE samples

Molecular Genomics Core Facility, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne VIC.

Dr. Kim-Anh Le Cao – Workshop: multivariate methodologies for big data, theory and application using the mixOmics R Package and web interface

University of Queensland

Dr. Marcel Dinger  –  Clinical genomics roadshow for bioinformaticians and medical scientists

Garvan Institute for Medical Research